Hammered Copper

hammered copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining

Bathroom Transformation with a Custom Copper Tub

In this blog post, we'll explore the many benefits of copper tubs and offer some design ideas to create a truly customized bathroom transformation with a custom copper tub.

Hammered Copper Mirrors

Hammered copper mirrors can contribute to the creation of a spa-like sanctuary in your own home with their warm copper tones and distinctive patina.

The Beauty of Hammered Copper in Kitchen Design

A hammered copper range hood, a unique copper backsplash, or a copper farmhouse sink is among the most eye-catching ways to incorporate copper into your kitchen design. Keep reading if you want to know how best to take advantage of the beauty of hammered copper in kitchen design.

Copper Range Hood as a Statement Piece

With their stunning hue and sparkle, copper range hood as a statement piece may elevate your kitchen's decor in addition to serving a practical purpose. If you are looking for inspiration for your next kitchen remodel, have a look at our custom copper products and blog posts.

Hammered Copper Sinks

Hammered copper sinks are used for both kitchen and bathroom designers. Copper sinks are hammered by hand in Mexico in many different shapes, styles and sizes. You can buy a kitchen or bathroom copper sink as undermount and drop-in. The... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper Bathtubs for Rustic Bathrooms

Hammered copper bathtubs are the best choice for rustic bathrooms. Both hammering texture of the copper and rustic decor of the bathroom interior corresponds well one with each other. You can purchase a small space bathtub in case of apartment... Continue Reading →

Using Metal in a Kitchen

Custom Made

Using zinc metal for custom home improvement in a kitchen makes it long lasting without the necessity to upgrade any time soon. At Custom Made shop tabletops, counters and range hood are created. Zinc can appliances and furnishings can be supplied in natural color or dark for more traditional homes. Any range hood can be hammered or smooth in both wall mount and island version. Most our kitchen hoods and tabletops are handcrafted in made to order dimensions. Average production time including delivery to any US mainland address is five weeks. We produce our zinc products in Mexico making them very competitive.

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Hammered Copper in a House

Hammered copper can be used for all kinds of house improvement project. You can use in a bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Most often furnishings made of copper used today are vent hoods, sinks, tabletops and bathtubs. Hammered copper comes... Continue Reading →

Home Kitchen vs Restaurant Copper Range Hood

Custom Copper

Occasionally, we are asked by commercial buyers about kitchen range hood difference for home vs restaurant. In reality a restaurant copper range hoods are built the same was as appliances meant for domestic use. The only difference is in the insert used for removing air from above the kitchen range. In case of commercial kitchens it is much stronger. Depending on the local building code it may be required to collect fat which drains to a special container. Some regions require installation of sprinklers inside the hood facing down connected with the entire restaurant establishment fire protection and alarm systems.

restaurant kitchen range hood

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