Hammered Copper

hammered copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining

Copper Tub for Modern Bathroom

Who said a copper tub can be used for furnishing country bathrooms only? Indeed, a tub made of hammered copper has rustic characteristics but its design will define application. Smooth line and simple style will make the copper tubs great... Continue Reading →

Made of Hammered Copper

Hammered copper as material for producing various objects of daily home use appeared about three thousand years ago. It was used for domestic pottery and cooking dishes as well as weaponry. Copper is relatively easy to work with because its... Continue Reading →

Copper Oval Bath Sinks with Flat Flange

Custom Copper

Any copper oval sinks for bathroom can be made with a round or flat flange. While the first copper sink version can be used for drop-in installation only, the second one has multiple applications. You can either place the sink under the bathroom cabinet counter as undermount or drop it in to the opening while the lip remains outside. When ordered together any other bathroom fixture including copper tub or mirror can be hammered with the same strokes and patina finish.

custom copper oval bath sink with flat flange

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Cleaning Copper Tub and Sink Patina

There are two type of copper bathtub and bathroom sink finishes offered by Rustica House brand. The tub or sink is made of hammered copper with pre-selected patina color or made of natural metal without any treatment. The first version... Continue Reading →

Copper Fixtures and Appliances

A number of our buyers requested information about spaces between copper fixtures and appliances. Mostly, they were referring to copper tubs and oven hoods. In case of bathroom fixtures it is entirely up to the buyer where and how the... Continue Reading →

Copper Bath Sink Undermount or Drop-in?

What is the difference between copper bath sink hammered as undermount and drop-in? Non. Both of them are the same sink, the difference is in the way it is installed. An undermount copper sink is placed on the  bathroom cabinet... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper Designs

While advancing your custom hammered copper bathroom or kitchen improvement design, there are a few considerations needed to be taken. Among them space available, the primary person height who is going to use the fixture as well as your preferences.... Continue Reading →

Antique Copper Bathtubs

Copper bathtubs are antibacterial making them perfect bathroom fixture that is healthy and at the same time beautiful. The bathtubs are made of hammered copper using the technology utilized by Europeans before even discovering North America. What makes brand new... Continue Reading →

Antique Copper Tubs, Sinks and Vent Hoods

Each manufacturer is using different methods for creating antique copper. Some suppliers use more environment friendly ways of ageing copper and others employ chemicals. How it works? Copper is getting dark in natural process and changes from shining light tones... Continue Reading →

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