Hammered Copper

hammered copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining


Hammered Copper

Hammered Copper in a House

Hammered copper can be used for all kinds of house improvement project. You can use in a bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Most often furnishings made of copper used today are vent hoods, sinks, tabletops and bathtubs. Hammered copper comes... Continue Reading →


Made of Hammered Copper

Hammered copper as material for producing various objects of daily home use appeared about three thousand years ago. It was used for domestic pottery and cooking dishes as well as weaponry. Copper is relatively easy to work with because its... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper Designs

While advancing your custom hammered copper bathroom or kitchen improvement design, there are a few considerations needed to be taken. Among them space available, the primary person height who is going to use the fixture as well as your preferences.... Continue Reading →

Antique Copper Bathtubs

Copper bathtubs are antibacterial making them perfect bathroom fixture that is healthy and at the same time beautiful. The bathtubs are made of hammered copper using the technology utilized by Europeans before even discovering North America. What makes brand new... Continue Reading →

Why to use Hammered Copper

Copper is a material used by various industries. The main reasons are resistance to corrosion, flexibility and appeal. Hammered copper was in use by ancient civilizations for making dishware, jewelry and agricultural tools. Now days, we use for architectural elements... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper Kitchen Sink

It is a great example of incorporating a hammered copper sink into a traditional style kitchen. The sink has been made in honey or light coffee patina and it is an apron type. This copper kitchen sink has been installed... Continue Reading →

Copper Vessel Sink

Some copper vessel sinks are design the way a part of it is dropped in to bathroom counter and the remaining, the apron is outside of it. Bath sinks such as this that are called sometimes double wall are more... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper, how it is made?

Production of hammered copper range hoods, sinks tables and tubs is not easy when made by hand. It involves special skills needed for good looking hammering, creating patina finish and especially shaping metal into the products. It is amazing how... Continue Reading →

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