Hammered Copper

hammered copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining


copper tub

Attic Bathrooms

Usually we think a bedroom or home office when developing space on the attic. What about converting this empty space to a bathroom furnished with a polished copper bathtub? The tub can be made of polished or hammered metal and... Continue Reading →


Copper Fixtures and Appliances

A number of our buyers requested information about spaces between copper fixtures and appliances. Mostly, they were referring to copper tubs and oven hoods. In case of bathroom fixtures it is entirely up to the buyer where and how the... Continue Reading →

Copper Tub Patina

Before deciding to buy a copper tub answer the question. Are you familiar with copper patina? Is good to know that copper in a process of oxidation turns green and I doubt it is what you as a buyer want... Continue Reading →

Hammered Copper Tub

Copper tubs made in Santa Clara del Cobre are entirely handmade. Skillful craftsman use basic tools, often made by themselves or inherited from the previous generation. In general the production of the copper tub involves a lot of hammering, it... Continue Reading →

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