Hammered Copper

hammered copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining


copper sinks

Hammered Copper Sinks

Hammered copper sinks are used for both kitchen and bathroom designers. Copper sinks are hammered by hand in Mexico in many different shapes, styles and sizes. You can buy a kitchen or bathroom copper sink as undermount and drop-in. The... Continue Reading →


Antique Copper Tubs, Sinks and Vent Hoods

Each manufacturer is using different methods for creating antique copper. Some suppliers use more environment friendly ways of ageing copper and others employ chemicals. How it works? Copper is getting dark in natural process and changes from shining light tones... Continue Reading →

Why to use Hammered Copper

Copper is a material used by various industries. The main reasons are resistance to corrosion, flexibility and appeal. Hammered copper was in use by ancient civilizations for making dishware, jewelry and agricultural tools. Now days, we use for architectural elements... Continue Reading →

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