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Using Metal in a Kitchen

Custom Made

Using zinc metal for custom home improvement in a kitchen makes it long lasting without the necessity to upgrade any time soon. At Custom Made shop tabletops, counters and range hood are created. Zinc can appliances and furnishings can be supplied in natural color or dark for more traditional homes. Any range hood can be hammered or smooth in both wall mount and island version. Most our kitchen hoods and tabletops are handcrafted in made to order dimensions. Average production time including delivery to any US mainland address is five weeks. We produce our zinc products in Mexico making them very competitive.

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Home Kitchen vs Restaurant Copper Range Hood

Custom Copper

Occasionally, we are asked by commercial buyers about kitchen range hood difference for home vs restaurant. In reality a restaurant copper range hoods are built the same was as appliances meant for domestic use. The only difference is in the insert used for removing air from above the kitchen range. In case of commercial kitchens it is much stronger. Depending on the local building code it may be required to collect fat which drains to a special container. Some regions require installation of sprinklers inside the hood facing down connected with the entire restaurant establishment fire protection and alarm systems.

restaurant kitchen range hood

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Antique Copper Bathtubs

Custom Copper

There are many antique copper bathtubs for sale on the current market. The vast majority of copper fixtures in old style is imported to the US and Europe Mexico. In fact Santa Clara del Cobre located in state of Michoacan is the primary source of antique copper bathtubs. Free Trade Agreement between both countries makes their logistics quite easy. It is possible to order a custom copper for bathroom without necessity of importing the entire container as it is in case of sourcing in India or Pakistan. Single copper tubs and bath sinks are shipped as individual cargo at quite reasonable price. Production and delivery doesn’t take long either. You can expect to have your antique copper bathtub delivered within four weeks from the order date despite it was made just for you.

antique copper tubs

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Copper Tub for Modern Bathroom

Who said a copper tub can be used for furnishing country bathrooms only? Indeed, a tub made of hammered copper has rustic characteristics but its design will define application. Smooth line and simple style will make the copper tubs great... Continue Reading →

Copper Oval Bath Sinks with Flat Flange

Custom Copper

Any copper oval sinks for bathroom can be made with a round or flat flange. While the first copper sink version can be used for drop-in installation only, the second one has multiple applications. You can either place the sink under the bathroom cabinet counter as undermount or drop it in to the opening while the lip remains outside. When ordered together any other bathroom fixture including copper tub or mirror can be hammered with the same strokes and patina finish.

custom copper oval bath sink with flat flange

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Copper Tub Patina

Before deciding to buy a copper tub answer the question. Are you familiar with copper patina? Is good to know that copper in a process of oxidation turns green and I doubt it is what you as a buyer want... Continue Reading →

Custom Hammered Copper

Custom hammered copper range hoods, sinks and tables are handmade in India, Pakistan and Mexico, which is a primary source supplying the US market. There is some limited production of vent hoods in USA and most of them are modern... Continue Reading →

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