Most hammered copper kitchen hood customers planning to upgrade their kitchen appliances ask three important questions. What is the thickness of copper, whether their insert will fit and how to install the hood. As far as our copper kitchen hood models are concerned the answers are straight forward:

  1. We use recycled copper 16 gauge. Since the metal is hammered the thickness of copper vary from one area to the other. It is applied on the iron frame also made by hand with the shape of the range hood.
  2. If you are planning to buy with the kitchen hood our insert or install your own, the interior of the hood needs to be customized. When using our Rustica House e-store, select appropriate options from the page menu and use Note window to identify brand and model number of your venting equipment.
  3. In some US states it is required by the bylaw and building code to contract a licensed technician. You need to consult your municipal authorities prior to decide about how it should be installed and by whom. If your hammered copper kitchen hood includes a linear, most likely you will be obligated to ask professional electrician to connect it to the kitchen electrical wiring.

hammered copper kitchen hood